Wednesday, November 30, 2005

250 Broadway Productions Presents

Ta Ta 2 Term Limits

So, we thought we'd start off our first official day of publication with a shout-out to all Council Members and Council Members-elect slated to hold office next year (see prior posting if you have any question whether or not this applies to you - or your representative, for that matter).

Here's what our inquiring minds want to know. And we promise, it's not a trick question.

For the record, do you support having the Council pass through legislative fiat (as opposed to using other mechanisms such as voter referendum, charter revision commission, etc.) a bill that either extends or repeals the current term limits law?

Truth be told, we'd prefer a simple yes or no answer, but if you feel like you must pontificate - all the power to you! We promise a full-on airing of your views. But first, you must reveal them to us at

And as a holiday gift to us all, why don't we just use the 8th of December as a due date. From that point forward, we'll be keeping a running tally of your responses.


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rock on!

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Term limits, while approved by the voters twice, was the brainchild of yet another billionaire-on-a-mission, in this instance Ronald Lauder. So if you harbor doubts about the democratic nature of an election in which the winning candidate spent $80 million of his own money (against $15 million for a publicly-financed opponent), you must be equally skeptical of referenda bought and paid for by billionaires ... That said, since the voters did speak, and twice, on the subject, the Council would enhance its standing by going back to the voters with a well-reasoned argument for why term limits do them a disservice.


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