Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oh No Likey...

...What They See

Joyce Purnick of The New York Times predicts today that term limits will go the way of Speaker candidate Bill de Blasio's single-source union contributions bill - straight through the Council.

And the edit heads at the Daily News ... ummm ... not so happy with the whipper-snappers lining up for the Speaker's post ... all of whom basically pledged during a recent debate to absolutely tinker with term limits.

An excerpt to whet your appetite:

The arrogance of it! Having benefited personally from the term limits law, they want to benefit personally from its abolition.

Voters should be aware of this planned end-run around the citizenry's declared desire. If the pols want to change the rules, let them put the proposition before the people. Again. Afraid to do that, gentle councilfolk? Please tell us why.


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