Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What Happens in the Lobby...

...Stays in the Lobby?

So the story goes with the city's lobbyists?? Whatever.

A term limits debate raging on The Politicker is making us think a bit longer about the oft-used explanation for why term limits must go, at least according to our Speaker candidates. Time and time again, they cite the increasing power of lobbyists as a rationale to end term limits as we know them. Fine.

But doth they all protest too much? Each is pocketing campaign contributions from many of the city's top lobbyists. For example, Suri Kasirer, who seems to be at the center of attention, has contributed to each of our Speaker candidates - as well as to Councilwoman Gale Brewer, the prime sponsor of the term limits leg.

And for kicks, just take a look at all the PACs and lobbyists that are doling ducket$ to each of the Speaker wanna-bes.

Hmmmm ... We're confused!


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