Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Case vs. Term Limits

The Wise Guys' Wisdom

This week's New York Observer Wise Guys take aim at Mayor B's supposedly feigned outrage over the Council's term limits maneuvering.

In a piece that attempts to justify the Council's latest tactics, Hofstra Professor Eric Lane (and Special Counsel to outgoing Speaker Gifford Miller) offers these observations:

... "unless you accept that there is something intrinsically good about new people, I don't see the value in [term limits]. There are always going to be bad eggs in the world. But they are just as likely to be bad eggs when they are newly elected."

The popularity of term limits, Mr. Lane added, is fueled by a "“utopian American reform mind-set that instinctively dislikes people who hold power, without any thought as to the consequences of that idea."

We say - very interesting, Professor - but with all do respect, we could not disagree more with how you've characterized our mind-set of reform.



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