Monday, December 19, 2005

The Daily News and the Jugular

It's Where the Edit Heads are Aiming

In a blistering editorial today, the Daily News cautions Council Members giving the slightest bit of thought to altering their own term limits, that they should be fully prepared to face an all-out assault.

The piece encourages Bloomberg not only to put the term limits issue to another voter referendum, but to give it some company as well:

... the commission could put additional issues to a vote such as requiring all future changes to term limits be done by referendum, or barring Council members from awarding themselves fat stipends for chairing committees, or requiring Council pay raises to be voted upon in advance of primary elections and to take effect only with the seating of a new session, or restoring the limits on union donations, or cutting off public campaign funds from pols who have no serious opposition, or protecting the campaign finance laws from Council meddling.



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