Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Laud 'em or Leave 'em


We're guessin' Lauder's not gonna laud 'em nor leave 'em alone.

What makes us say that, you ask? Ummm ... hmmm...

Well, courtesy of The New York Times, we pulled the script from a television commercial that Lauder (aka New Yorkers for Term Limits) ran last time the Council tried to undo the will of the voters.

You be the judge.

"Does your vote count? Not if the City Council erases the votes of a million New Yorkers with its scheme to kill term limits. The papers call it: 'shabby' and 'self-serving' (The New York Times); 'an attempt by shameless pols to keep their spaces at the public trough' (The Daily News); 'fatuous self-promotion' (The New York Post); 'there cannot be a more bogus cause in government today' (Newsday); and 'contempt for voters' (The Wall Street Journal). Call Council Speaker Peter Vallone and demand he protect term limits. Tell him a million New Yorkers can't be wrong."



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