Monday, December 12, 2005

A Lawyer, Barber & Coed Walk Into a Bar

Can You Guess What Happens Next?

Duuuhhhh! They form a group called People to Stop a Self Serving Council.

Julia Levy reports on this story in today's New York Sun.

Kenneth Moltner, group co-founder and former head of Community Board 8 doesn't hold back:

"There seems to be in the council an arrogance, just simply an arrogance about it," a founder of the group, Kenneth Moltner, said. "They're shunting democracy for their own self-interest."

And Frank Scala, co-founder #2, had this to say:

"I believe in the word of voters. You have to respect the voters," Frank Scala, who owns La Scala Hair Stylists for Men on Fifth Avenue, said. "I speak with my customers, and they agree with me. Even the customers say, 'I voted for the term limits, so why they want to take it out?'"

While Joe Metzger, political science and history major at NYU - and co-founder #3 - said this:

"If you're going to have term limits, they should be real term limits," Mr. Metzger, who is a Republican District leader in the 75th Assembly District, said.



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