Monday, December 26, 2005

Remember Fiala?

The Councilman Who Saved Term Limits

The date was March 15, 2001. The then 33-year old Republican Council Member from Staten Island's 51st district, Stephen Fiala, cast the deciding vote keeping term limits in place. But before doing so, Fiala gave a long impassioned speech about his vote.

Needless to say, our favorite line was the following:

As wrong as term limits are - and they are - the means prescribed in redressing this wrong are potentially worse.

Read the speech in its entirety here!



At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Councilman Fiala was right and the current council should read his speech and reach the same conclusion he did. It is funny that a man who was against term limits voted to uphold the will of the people. But than again that is what they are all elected to do.


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