Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sun Set to Term Limits

By NY1's Goldin Child

In today's New York Sun, NY1's Road to City Hall anchor Davidson Goldin credits Speaker Miller's political genius with empowering the current term limits saga.

The first to blink is the members' chosen leader, known as the speaker. He wants to run for mayor, but his eight-year limit is up before the mayoral election. In a stroke of political genius, he convinces his colleagues to extend his time by two years. It's a fluke, and the public doesn't really notice.

But that subtle change empowers other council members. If they can so easily modify a measure voters enacted, perhaps they could actually overrule the voters and end term limits altogether. At the very least, some of them say, they can add another term. What politician doesn't like the sound of "Four more years"?

He caps his anti-Council-maneuvering piece by digging at Council Members' attempts to "self-deal" their way out of term limits.

In a sense, ending term limits by legislation is like the council voting out a member elected at the ballot box. Even if the council had that right, voters would surely revolt.

Goldin aptly moderated Monday night's Term Limits Forum at the LGBT Center.


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