Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We'd Like an Apology

So Says the Southeast Queens Press

In an editorial entitled "Killing the Term Limits Coup," the edit head at the Southeast Queens Press (a publication of the Queens Tribune) doesn't hesitate to call out the Council's latest term limits antics as self-serving, and demands that the seven Speaker candidates apologize for their bad behavior. Here's a snippet:

It is clear to this writer that the voters, if given the opportunity, would never stand for the Council’s self-serving outrage and the Mayor has pledged to give the voters the last word.

Certainly those self-serving members recognize the people would never tolerate their unilateral action. The Mayor’s statement may be enough for them to abandon their attempted power grab.

We call upon the seven Speaker candidates to publicly change their position and apologize to the people of this city.

We ask the Mayor to consider a proposal that would prevent this or any future Council from legislatively disregarding the voted will of the people.



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