Sunday, January 01, 2006

Speaker Vallone's 2006 Predictions

"Let's Kick Around the City Council"

In a rather interesting and revealing interview in the Gotham Gazette, former Council Speaker Peter Vallone weighs in today on all sorts of issues - ranging from campaign finance to life under Bloomberg to the state of the Democratic Party.

But what is perhaps most interesting, aside from Vallone's strong support of the Council altering its own term limitations legislatively, is his prediction that 2006 will be all about the term limits saga. Here's a snippet of what he says:

Well, unfortunately, I think term limits is going to be a big story. If the council passes, and I hope they do, a measure to extend the limit to 12 years, for sure there's going to be a referendum put on the ballot to reverse it. And there will be a lot of very bad publicity for the council members, which will result in their being afraid to do anything. And they may not even be able to pass the term limits bill for fear of reprisal.

It's just going to be a continual knock on the city council, which really doesn't deserve it. I think that they deserve a lot of credit for changing the policy of the city and making it a better place to live. And unfortunately, there doesn'’t seem to be any way of communicating with the electorate the truth of what's going on. And the big story in 2006 is probably going to be "Let'’s kick around the city council."



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